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German Boxers At Stud
2009 National Sieger & Police K9
Arames vom Messingberg,
SchH2, DPO1, FH1, BST
2009 National Vice-Sieger
and Police K9
Irco vom Weiten Land,
SchH3, IPO3, DPO1, FH1, BST
2008 National Sieger
and Police K9
Cliff vom Grand Kevin,
SchH2, DPO1, FH1, BST
4 time Working Champion &
Police K9 Ivo vom Hafen,
SchH3, IPO3, FH2, ZTP
Adonis vom Grand Kevin,
SchH3, FH1, ZTP, AD
Sam von Bachbett, IPO3, DPO1, FH1, Police VSK, STP3, BST
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V- Grobi vom Hafen,
SchH1, FH2, ZTP
stud_dogs001011.jpg stud_dogs001010.jpg
Reward's Rebel Rouser, SchH1
George's 1st Boxer
and 1st schutzhund dog
Axel von Bachbett, SchH1
Our 1st Boxer litter and
Cathy's 1st schutzhund dog
(pictured here at 11 years of age)
Boxers Von Bachbett
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Titan von Bachbett (aka Biff), IPO3, DPO1, Police VSK
'15 USA-BOX Best in Show & National Sieger
BK Youth Champion,
VDH Youth Champion, VDH Champion
Elastic Lacoste,
IPO1, AD, ZTP, Koerung
Video on Lacco's page
Atibox World Champion &
German National Working Champion
Veith von Altenburg,
Bodacious von Bachbett
Son of Veith von Altenburg
Itzi-Bitzi vom Advokat
Atibox World Champion &
German National Working Champion
Areck vom Klockower Eck,
For over the past 30 years, we have had the pleasure of having access to some of the finest bloodlines of working Boxers in the world. Many of these wonderful dogs have been owned, trained, and trialed by us. A few of them have been brought to the United States by their owners, and have lived with us, during which time we collected and froze semen from them. We are in the unique position to be able to use the dozen outstanding males featured below in our breeding program.