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A Few of our Bachbett Boxer Offspring Through the Years...
In 2019, Bachbett celebrated the 30th anniversary of our first litter. That was our "A" litter, and since then we have gone through the alphabet once and are well into our second trip through. Whether Competitors and/or Companions, all have been beloved family members!
Some more of our Sires' & Dams' offspring
Axel von Bachbett, BH, SchH1
Rebel x Cilla
Our first litter and Cathy's first schutzhund dog
Owner Cathy & George Markos
Police K9 Diva von Bachbett, BH, SchH1
Jackson County Sheriff's Office
Grobi x Xenia
Hawk von Bachbett, SchH3
Owner Morris Chaisson
Ivo x Dolly
Karena "Zoe" von Bachbett
Owned by the Collier Family
Irco x Geraldine
U-CD Josephine von Bachbett,
Owner Renee Fulcer
Ivo x Xenia
Eyko von Bachbett, SchH3
2005 USA-BOX Working Champion
Owner Tim Clothier
Grobi x Dolly
Isaac von Bachbett, U-AG1
Owner Jerry Garbers
Ivo x Oda
Furchtlos Freund von Bachbett,
Owners Ray and Jan Seiler
Ivo x Chloe
Sula von Bachbett, CD, Weight Pulling
Owner Scott Hurley
Arames x Heline
Police K9 Revolutionari von Bachbett
Owner Deputy Ken Lovell
Arames x Foxxi (Floey)
Pete von Bachbett (pictured at 11)
Owner Shirley Richards
Areck x Oda
2008 USA-BOX National Youth Siegerin
Raffaela von Bachbett
Owners Dave Markos & Denise Johnson
Arames x Foxxi (Floey)
Twin Pine's Honest Abe,
SchH1, TR2, OB1
Irco x Ebbi von Bachbett, SchH1, TR1
High Obedience (98) 2006 USA-BOX Working Championship
Owner/Breeder Joyce Mosa
Anja von Waldstadt, CDX, RE, MX, MXJ, BH, AD
Arames x Josephine von Bachbett
Owner/Breeder Renee Williams
Atibox World Champion & German National Champion Areck vom Klockower Eck, SchH3, IPO3, FH2
Sire- Adonis
Owner Dennis Bauer
Ay Da Derjava, CD, NA, NAJ
Brevet, French Ring 1
Sire- Irco
Owner Jodie Alwin
She also enjoyed working as
a hunting dog!
Ay Da Bonjour, SchH2
Sire- Irco
High Tracking, Obedience & Protection
at 2009 USA-BOX Working Championship
Owner Charles Montgomery
Boxnen's Eurostyle, SchH3, IPO3, AD, CD
Working Champion of the Year
Owner/Breeder Minna Becher
Sire- Ivo
2008 National Sieger & Police K9 Cliff vom Grand Kevin, SchH2, DPO1, FH1, BST
Sire- Adonis
K9 handler Brandon Stoughtenger
Police K9 Avantgarde vd Morrigan
Dam- Heline
Owner Undersheriff Craig Feldmann
MACH Ava Josephine von Waldstadt,
National Top 10 Agility Boxer in 2010
High in Trial overall ABC Nationals
High in Trial Standard ABC Nationals
High in Trial JWW at ABC Nationals twice
Arames x Josephine von Bachbett
Owner Elisabeth Lonergan
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MACH2 PACH2 Xcalibur (Saber) von Bachbett CD, RAE, MXC, MJC, MFB, TQX, MXP9, MXPG, MJP8, MJPG, PAX3, MFPB, TQXP, T2B2, T2BP, OAC, TN-O, TG-N, NCC, SWN, SEA, SBA, SHDN, L1E
Owner Jan Blevins Adonis x Icke
Angie von Bachbett, K9 Tactical Tracker 1,
NASAR Sartech III Trailing, CGC Darwin von Bachbett, K9 Tactical Tracker 1, NASAR Sartech HRD Land & III Trailing, SAR-W, DS, CGC
Sam x Olissa (Angie) Veith x Itzi (Darwin)
Owner Alex Collier
Derek von Bachbett,
BH, ZTP, IGP2, Frp2, CGC
Owner Deena Fries
Veith x Itzi
Ally von Bachbett & her kids
The Drew Family
Sam x Olissa
MACH2 Cannon von Bachbett, MXG, MJS, XF, DM, CA, RATO
Owner Sarah Osborne
Sam x Olissa
Police K9 Shawnee von Bachbett (left)
Police K9 Sabiye von Bachbett, IPO3, DPO1, IPO-ZTP (right)
Their mother Police K9 Heline vom Talersberg, SchH2 (center)
Arames x Heline
Dreamcatcher (Remy) von Bachbett,
Owner Jan Blevins
Veith x Itzi
Clementine Olive von Bachbett
Owned by the Moon Family
Sam x Olissa
Esprit (Flora) von Bachbett, CDex
Owner Tobie James (Ireland)
Titan x Itzi
Fraulein Bella von Bachbett
Owned by the Vesquez Family
Bodacious x Advokat
USA-BOX Siegerin
Xavantina von Bachbett
Owners Dan Taylor & Cathy Markos
Adonis x Icke
Titan (Biff) von Bachbett, IPO3, DPO1, VSK
Owner/Handler George Markos
Cliff x Shawnee
Ezrae von Bachbett, Dock Diving
Owner Jennifer McConnell
Titan x Itzi
Police K9 Zara von Bachbett
with a 290 pound bust she made
Arames x Veena
Lock n Load Loden von Bachbett, CGC, NA, NAX
Kahrgo K9-11 von Bachbett, CGC
Owner Colleen Gable
Adonis x Oda (Loden) Irco x Geraldine (Kahrgo)
Xcellent Adventure (Ted) von Bachbett,
Owner Elisabeth Lonergan
Adonis x Icke
Police K9 Veena von Bachbett
Trempealeau County Sheriff Dept
Cliff x Sofia (Arames x Heline)
Indominus Boss Bachbett vd Auslander
Owned by the Chambers Family
Grobi x Xavantina
Desilu von Bachbett
Handicap Service Dog
Emotional Support Dog
Veith x Itzi
Sam von Bachbett,
IPO3, DPO1, FH1, Police VSK, StPr3, BST
Owner George & Cathy Markos
Arames x Heline
Arden (Roxy) von Bachbett
Owned by the Richard Family
Sam x Olissa
The Richards also own her brother Azi.
Sofia von Bachbett
Owner Alex Whitworth
Arames x Heline
Xabiere von Bachbett, BH, ZTP, TR1, CGC
Owner Deena Fries
Adonis x Icke
Carl von Bachbett
Owner Paul Kaufman
Sam x Olissa
Duzi von Bachbett
Owner Kristian Kaufman
Veith x Itzi
Xoni von Bachbett
Owner Uwe Krueger (Germany)
Adonis x Icke
Uwe (right) is the breeder of Adonis. His father Heinz (left) brought Adonis to USA many years ago so we could collect him.
Now it's come full circle!
Italian Boxer Club Working Champion Sapporo vom Advokat, BH, IPO3, AD, ZTP
Dam- Itzi
Owner Marco Palumbo
Bits Bite Billion Dollar Babe,
Sire- Adonis
Owner/Breeder Laura Maiseli (Finland)
(left) Harvey Jake von Bachbett
Owner Russ Summers
Lacoste x Cheyanne (Sam x Olissa)