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Pictures of Just a Few of our Bachbett Boxer Offspring
Competitors or Companions, all have been beloved family members!
Some of Our Bachbett Sires' & Dams' Offspring
Axel von Bachbett, BH, SchH1
Rebel x Cilla
Our first litter and Cathy's first schutzhund dog
Owner Cathy & George Markos
Diva von Bachbett, BH, SchH1
Police Dog
Grobi x Xenia
with handler Deputy Mike Ring
Hawk von Bachbett, SchH3
Owner Morris Chaisson
Ivo x Dolly
Ebbi von Bachbett, SchH1, TR1
Owner Joyce Mosa
Grobi x Dolly
Karena "Zoe" von Bachbett
Owned by the Collier Family
Irco x Geraldine
U-CD Josephine von Bachbett,
Owner Renee Williams
Ivo x Xenia
Eyko von Bachbett, SchH3
2005 USA-BOX Working Champion
Owner Tim Clothier
Grobi x Dolly
Kanani von Bachbett
Owned by the Kapur Family
Irco x Geraldine
Calista von Bachbett
Grobi x Chloe
Isaac von Bachbett, U-AG1
Owner Jerry Garbers
Ivo x Oda
Heidi von Bachbett
Owner Deena Fries
Ivo x Dolly
Gonzo von Bachbett, Therapy Dog
having a "ball" at doggie daycare!
Owner Amanda Sprehn
Ivo x Diva
Furchtlos Freund von Bachbett,
Owners Ray and Jan Seiler
Ivo x Chloe
Miss Peekolo von Bachbett,
with her best big buddy, Alle
Owner Gwen Nelson
Ivo x Geraldine
Sula von Bachbett, CD
scores of 196.5, 197 & 195.5 for title
Owner Scott Hurley
Arames x Heline
Leben von Bachbett "Shiva"
Owned by the Loewen Family
Adonis x Oda
Revolutionari von Bachbett
Police Dog
Owner Deputy Ken Lovell
Arames x Foxxi (Floey)
Pete von Bachbett
Owner Shirley Richards
Areck x Oda
2008 USA-BOX National Youth Siegerin
Raffaela von Bachbett
Owners Dave Markos & Denise Johnson
Arames x Foxxi (Floey)
Twin Pine's Honest Abe,
SchH1, TR2, OB1
Irco x Ebbi von Bachbett
High Obedience (98) 2006 USA-BOX Working Championship
Owner/Breeder Joyce Mosa
Anja von Waldstadt, CD, RA, NA, OAJ, BH, AD
Arames x Josephine von Bachbett
Owner/Breeder Renee Williams
Atibox World Champion & German National Champion Areck vom Klockower Eck, SchH3, IPO3, FH2
Adonis x Ondra v Fischerhorst
Owner Dennis Bauer
Ay Da Derjava, CD, Brevet, French Ring 1
Irco x Aviengo Afina
Owner Jodie Alwin
On her days off she works as a Springer Spaniel!
Ay Da Bonjour, SchH2
Irco x Aviengo Afina
High Tracking, Obedience & Protection
at 2009 USA-BOX Working Championship
Owner Charles Montgomery
Boxnen's Eurostyle, SchH3, IPO3, AD, CD
Working Champion of the Year
Owner/Breeder Minna Becher
Ivo x Flirtin Ilona
Blitzkrieg von NPK, High BH
2004 USA-BOX Championship
Ivo x Maxime (Jetta) von Altenburg
Owner/Breeder Tim Clothier
2008 National Sieger & Police K9 Cliff vom Grand Kevin, SchH2, DPO1, FH1, BST
Adonis x Inka Sa Tise
K9 handler Brandon Stoughtenger
UKC Champion Boomer von NPK
Ivo x Maxime (Jetta) von Altenburg
Owner Kathleen Burt
Avantgarde vd Morrigan
Police Dog
Pino vd Erlenweide x Heline
Owner Undersheriff Craig Feldmann
Ava Josephine von Waldstadt, RN, MX, MXJ, NF
Arames x Josephine von Bachbett
Owner Elisabeth Lonergan
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Shane Brando von Bachbett
Owner Ron Kelly
Arames x Heline
Raven von Bachbett
Owner Steve & Estelle Dzuibek
Arames x Foxxi (Floey)
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