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V- Grobi vom Hafen, SchH1, FH2, ZTP
Pedigree for Grobi vom Hafen   Fawn German Boxer    
 Akim von den Keltenburg,
 SchH3, IPO3, FH
 Jobi vd Pfennigsbrucke, SchH3, 
 VDH-Ch Klub-Sg, French-
 Jahres-Sg Esco v Kiliansblick,  
 SchH3, FH, AD
 Henk v Eichbaum, SchH1
 Alfa v Kiliansblick, SchH1
 Klub-Sg, Jahres-Sg, Europa-Sg
 Evita vd Pfennigsbrucke, SchH1,
 Uhtz vom Bereler Ries, SchH3,
 Europa-Jgd-Sg Bora vd
 Pfennigsbrucke, SchH1, AD
 Ilka vd Pfennigsbrucke, SchH3,
 Bundes-Jgd-Sg, VDH-Ch
 Erasmus vd Worth, SchH3, FH
 Atibox-Sg, Klub-Sg, VDH-Ch
 Xanthos v Bereler Ries, SchH3,
 Uhle vd Worth, SchH1, AD
 Europa-Jgd-Sg Bora vd  
 Jahres-Sg, Klub-Sg, VDH-Ch
 Picobello von Felix, SchH2
 Aleska vd Annen, SchH3, AD
 Bianca vom Hafen, SchH3, FH,
 Klub-Sg Askan vd Sandbergen,
 SchH3, IPO3, FH, AD
 Heiko vd Struth, SchH1
 Eicko v Herforder Ring, SchH2,
 Corina vd Struth, SchH1
 Anja v Kleef, SchH3  Cox v Parrig, SchH1
 Hetty v Schloss Myllendonk, SchH3, FH
 Afra vom Hafen, SchH1, FH1  Majolika's Barney, SchH3, AD  Athos vd Buche, SchH1, AD
 Hera v Waldesrand, SchH1
 Quinny v Waldesrand, SchH3, AD  Astor v Asenberg, SchH1, AD
 Fee v Flachsteich
The King is Gone But He's Not Forgotten
Grobi has been bred to
Fay von Bachbett
Puppies due August 2023

Frozen semen available
Grobi had everything you could ever want in a Boxer.

The most impressive dog we have ever had physically, with his head so black and large and wide, he was intimidating to people who encountered him when we went for walks. What they could not know by looking at him alone, was that he was rock solid in temperament.

He was 26 inches at the shoulders and weighed a solid 97 pounds.

In protection work, he had the hardest bite of any dog we have ever had, in keeping with the reputation of his father, Akim von der Keltenberg, another physically impressive dog, who was known for the strength of his grip.

Grobi traveled back to Germany with us on two occasions, and in 1997, Cathy showed him at the German National Breed Show (BZS) in Dortmund, Germany. The judge was Gunter Karg, then President of both the world Boxer organization, Atibox, and the German Boxer Klub. He gave Grobi the highest rating of "V" (Excellent).

Injury prevented Grobi from continuing in Schutzhund, but George did tracking with him. Grobi was the first FH1 and FH2 Boxer in the United States.

Grobi's titled offspring include Working Champion Eyko von Bachbett, SchH3, and Police K9 Diva von Bachbett, SchH1.
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