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Lacoste is a male we imported from Germany. "Lacco" has consistently produced excellent offspring, and enjoyed great popularity as a stud dog while in Europe, where he was bred over 40 times.

We were thirlled when Lacoste took Best in Show over 60 entries at the USA-BOX 2015 National Sieger Show in October. He was also named the 2015 USA-BOX Fawn National Sieger. As a youth dog, Lacco was shown extensively in European conformation shows, and earned multiple Sieger and Championship titles. He also has his ZTP (Breeding Suitability Test) and Koerung.

But Lacco has much more to offer than good looks; he is a dominant, hard dog with very good drive, things that are not so typical of a show dog. Lacco imparts these strong working traits to his offspring- this is why he was so popular as a stud dog in Europe.

Lacco has completed the IPO1 schutzhund title and the AD endurance test.

He is available at stud to approved bitches.
Pedigree for Elastic Lacoste      Fawn German Boxer     DOB 01-17-10     Hips- B2    Heart- 0   Spondylosis- 0    
  Elastic Marco, IPO1
  Marzonara Berlingo
  Marziano del Colle dell'Infinito  Iron dell'Antico Squero, SchH1
 Terra del Colle dell'Infinito
 Elastic Samba  Elastic Brix
 Elastic Hella
  Elastic Quan
 International Champion 
 Ypsilon della Cadormare, IPO1, AD
 Int. Champion Caos dei Cavalieri
 del Monferrato,  VPG1
 Champion Soraya della Cadormare
 Elastic Mona  Elastic Gino
 Elastic Barbi
  Elastic Maya   Nestore del Colle dell'Infinito  Iso del Colle dell'Infinito
 Multi-Champion Ago del Colle
 dell'Infinito, VPG2
 Althea del Roxius
 Ch. Vega del Colle dell'Infinito,
 Multi-Champion Ago del Colle
 dell'Infinito, VPG2
 Int. Champion Ira dell'Antico
 Squero, IPO1
  Koerberecki Fanta
 International Champion
  Leon della Terra Selvaggia, IPO1
 Roy van Sapho's Hoeve, VPG3, FH1,
 Wings Holly
 Csepregi-Box Cosima  Wings Idol
 Pannon-Box Hera
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2015 United States Boxer Association Best in Show and National Sieger
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Here is a video of Lacco doing protection work with German helper Dennis Bauer.
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