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People that see this dog for the first time are awed by the incredible power he displays. He has a special, definite presence about him. As one of the judges at a recent Police Dog certification trial remarked upon seeing Cliff for the first time, "Now THAT is a Police Dog!"

Yet as much as Cliff brings to us by way of his physical stature, it's his almost supernatural ability as a working dog that makes him truly special.

When it comes to drive, Cliff has no equal, with the possible exeptions of his father, Adonis, and half brother, Areck. When Cliff was young, if given the freedom to do so, his obsession to find his toy would turn into hours of relentless searching of the house for it.

When he got a little older, nine months or so, if we had his toy, or a bite sleeve, he would take it, and there was no way, but NO WAY, we could consistently stop him from biting anying he perceived as a prey object.

Needless to say, this made his "hold and bark" in schutzhund training very enteraining for the spectators, (think "hold" with no "bark), and no method we had ever used before to keep a dog clean in the blind worked, even the most forceful. From our perspective Cliff was unstoppable!

Fortunately, a friend in Germany, a former Boxer handler that now works with Malinois, and has won the German Malinois Championship, took Cliff for three months and worked miracles with him. When he sent Cliff back to us he said "Ciff has more drive than any dog I've ever seen."
Cliff had a promising career ahead of him, and George and Cliff achieved their SchH1 and SchH2 in back to back trials, with a "V" rated score of 286, under a USA German Shepherd judge, for their SchH2. The team also earned their FH1.

Unfortunately, a few months later, Cliff broke a canine tooth, which was crowned, and injured the root of the other upper canine tooth which then needed a root canal. The root canal failed and a surgical root canal was done. After all of this we stuggled for two years to try and manage pain in his mouth when he would bite a hard schutzhund sleeve, but were unsuccessful.

Too talented and high drive a dog to sit around the house without a "job", the decision was made to lease Cliff to the LaCrosse County Sheriff's Department, and with Cliff's help, a new K9 program was established.

During his career as a Deputy with the La Crosse County Sheriff Department, Cliff enjoyed many successful drug arrests, suspect tracks and suspect apprehensions. He then retired to duties as best buddy and home companion.

Cliff has sired several litters for Bachbett, and his children are enjoying success in many areas, including police work, agility and schutzhund, as well as beloved family friends.

Cliff passed away in the summer of 2014. He will long be remembered. Frozen semen from Cliff is available to select female Boxers.
Deputy Brandon Stoughtenger with K9 Cliff
Pedigree for Cliff vom Grand Kevin      Brindle German Boxer     DOB 04-19-02     OFA Hips- Good    
Above, Cliff and George Markos on their start to the FH1 tracking title.
                 Above, Cliff after his "hold and bark" issue got straightened out.

Left, Cliff works on Detector Dog skills during a Police K9 seminar with Brian Dowdy.

                 Below, "Big Head Todd" has got nothing on Cliff!
  Adonis vom Grand Kevin, VPG3,  FH1, AD   VDH-Ch Basil von Poptime, VPG3, AD   Klub-Sg, Int. Ch., VDH-Ch. Urban von der Burg Dinklage, VPG3, AD  Enok et Pedes Eques, VPG1, AD
 Baccara vom Konigsberg, VPG1
 Xiri von Poptime, VPG1  Orlof von Poptime
 Bellis vom Hofmannstal, VPG1
  Xavantina de Chipema, VPG1, IPO2, AD  Ole vom Bereler Ries, VPG2, AD  Int. Ch. Xeno von den Glockenbergen, VPG2, AD
 Hermine vom Bereler Ries, VPG3, FH1, AD
 Nina de Chipema  Kondor de Pesangil
 Adrano Chira
  Inka Sa Tise, BH, AD   Adah ti Buffalo, VPG1  Atibox-Sg, Int. Ch, Welt-Jgd-Sg, FCI-Europa-Sg Magnum di Massumatico, VPG3  David del Colle dell'Infinito, VPG1
 Uja di Massumatico
 Wings Diva  5 Sieger titles, Int. Ch Olimpio del Colle dell'Infinito, VPG1
 Barbie z Drevenice
  Odessa Mi-Vi-Si  Less Filbetinska  Yanto von Heideloh, VPG3, IPO2, AD
 Faa Stella Petrinja
 Gamma Mi-Vi-Si  Idol von der Butendorfer Hohe
 Bella Mi-Vi-Si
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Here's a very cool video of Cliff doing protection work, and even a clip of him as a puppy in Germany!
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