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Christmas 1985- The Original with Mi-Jo-Ti's Kleine Liebchen, UD, Can. CD
from 1985 to 2019
Back in 1985, on Thanksgiving weekend, Cathy Hubert, (she had not met George Markos yet), sat snowbound in her house. Her only companion was her obedience competition dog, a Miniature Schnauzer named Liebchen.

Cathy's SLR camera was loaded, (back in the days of film!), so she started taking humorous shots of Liebchen, decked out in reindeer antlers and sporting a red nose. Liebchen eventually got tired with the process, laid down, and gave Cathy a disgusted look. Of course, this was the best picture in the lot! It was put on Cathy's Christmas card that year, and so began a tradition that continues to this day.

We hope you enjoy this gallery of our past cards, which feature many of our past and present dogs.
Christmas 1986- Cathy and George met in '86, and George's first Boxer, Reward's Rebel Rouser, SchH1, joins Liebchen in the photo session as a reluctant Santa.
Christmas 1987- Cathy's Standard Schnauzer pup "Gem", Ch. Sondergeist Juwel von Roth, CDX, TD, Search & Rescue Dog joins the pack.
Christmas 1988- Our first German import, Cilla von Markwald makes four! Time to start looking for a bigger place!
Christmas 1989- The always photogenic Liebchen goes solo this year.
Christmas 1990- Bark the Herald Angels Sing! From left, Cilla, Gem, Rebel, Liebchen and from our first Boxer litter & Cathy's first schutzhund dog, Axel von Bachbett, SchH1.
Christmas 1991- We've moved to our country acreage at this point, and take advantage of the spring behind our house to take a wintery shot of Cilla, Gem, Rebel and Liebchen.
Christmas 1992-
Another Liebchen solo shot.
Christmas 1993- One of Cathy's favorite efforts, this card was the ultimate "cut and paste" creation. And remember, this was before Photoshop, and cut and paste REALLY meant cut and paste, literally!

There are seven dogs on this card, from top left, Gem & Alfa von Bachbett, baby Bosco von Bachbett in the stocking, Rebel & Cilla, then Axel & Liebchen.
Christmas 1994- Another picture that features the lovely spring behind our house, this time with the always handsome Axel.
Christmas 1995- From the top, left to right, Liebchen (who was 15 years old), Grobi vom Hafen, SchH1, FH2, Xenia von Sparta, SchH3, IPO2, FH2, WH, BST, VCD1, CDX, TD, NA, NAJ, ACX, AJX, Dulce Camille Chloe (Rebel's daughter), Cilla and Axel.
Christmas 1996- Xenia is a patient ponsettia!
Christmas 1997-
Impressive, handsome, Grobi.
Christmas 1998- Xenia and Grobi on our deck during a snow storm, with one of our trout ponds behind them.
Christmas 1999- 4 time Working Champion of the Year, Ivo vom Hafen, SchH3, IPO3, FH2 does his best Scrooge!
Christmas 2000-
Puppy Eyko von Bachbett, SchH3
Christmas 2001-
Grobi, Ivo and Xenia
Christmas 2002-
Cathy's first totally computer generated card. From top, Irco vom Weiten Land, SchH3, IPO3,DPO1, FH1, Grobi, Ivo, Oda de Villamourel, BH, Xenia and Geraldine von Hamann's Ranch, SchH1.
Christmas 2003- Cathy's Irco
Christmas 2004- Ivo and Xenia
Christmas 2005- Ivo and the Bachbett "J" litter.
Christmas 2006- Top row, Irco & Arames vom Messingberg, SchH2, FH1, DPO1. Bottom row, K9 Cliff vom Grand Kevin, SchH2, FH1, DPO1 and Xenia.
Christmas 2007- This card celebrates our epic 10,500 mile, six week trip, to Alaska, with nine dogs!! The dogs pictured are Cliff wading in a lake, Irco running on the beach, and Xenia being kissed by puppy Revolutionari von Bachbett, Narcotic Detector Dog with Mt. McKinley as a backdrop.
Christmas 2008- Our cedar-sided home with a trout pond in front.
The dog pictured is Xenia, at 14 years of age.
Christmas 2009- Another epic journey celebrated! Only seven dogs this time! The Madison River in Montana is pictured from a month long trip to Montana and Glacier National Park. The dogs are Arames and baby Eicke vom Silvertbach.
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Christmas 2010- Sam von Bachbett (aka Sam-ta Claus), IPO3, DPO1, VSK
catches a snowflake on his tongue.
Christmas 2012- Eicke vom Silvertbach and Adonis babies!!
some of our "X" puppies.
Christmas 2011- Certified Police K9 Eicke vom Silvertbach, IPO2, VSK,
 looking forward to the New Year.
Christmas 2013- Titan von Bachbett, IPO3, DPO1, VSK
Christmas 2014- Eicke vom Silvertbach helps decorate for the season.
Christmas 2015- Cheyanne von Bachbett as a very reluctant reindeer!
Christmas 2016- Two o four "C2" litter pups. The fawn puppy is
MACH2 Cannon von Bachbett, MXG, MJS, XF, CA, DM, RATO.
Christmas 2017- Sam and baby Bo von Bachbett.
Christmas 2018- Itzi-Bitzi vom Advokat
and New Year's partier Advokat von Bachbett.
Christmas 2019- Itzi-Bitzi vom Advokat, IPO2, ZTP, TR1 takes care of our Elf on the Shelf!