Welcome to the Ultimate Working Boxer, German Boxer, European Boxer, Schutzhund Boxer, German Boxer Breeder and German Boxer Puppy Site. We had Euro Boxers before Euro Boxers became popular.

Here at German Boxers von Bachbett, you will find information on Boxers, Boxer puppies, and the use and training of schutzhund Boxers, IPO Boxers, police k9 Boxers, personal protection Boxers, ring sport Boxers, and all types of dogsport competitions, and performance events, including tracking Boxers, agility Boxersand AKC obedience Boxers.

George Markos and Cathy Hubert Markos of German Boxers von Bachbett Kennels are long time German Boxer breeders, schutzhund Boxer trainers, IPO Boxers, police k9 trainers, including Police K9 Boxers, and importers of European Boxers and German Boxers.

Whether your interest is Euro Boxers, working Boxers, schutzhund Boxers, police Boxers, personal protection Boxers, agility Boxers, or family pet Boxers, this is the place site for you. We are professional schutzhund trainers, police k9 trainers, pet dog trainers and companion dog trainers.

Bachbett Kennels can import, train and sell you a protection dog, working dog, executive protection dog, personal protection dog, estate dog, family protection dog. Bachbett Kennels has been the American home of the working German Boxer for over 25 years.
If it is about Boxers, and Boxer puppies you will find it here! Enjoy your visit!
Working German Boxers Von Bachbett
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