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Foster Family Program
We have no Foster Dogs available at this time.
European import Boxer Oda de Villamourel Police K9 Boxer Diva von Bachbett
Above: Irco vom Weiten Land, SchH3, IPO3, DPO1, FH1.

Below: Oda de Villamourel, BH, ZTP
Above: Police K9 Diva von Bachbett, SchH1
Occasionally we have adult Boxers that are available for placement in permanent foster homes. These are either male or female dogs that we have retired from competition and/or our breeding program, or are females that we would like to possibly use in our breeding program in the future. These are dogs that we may not have enough space for in our house, and we do not feel it is fair to them to live their lives as kennel dogs. Every Boxer deserves a "full-time" family!

These dogs are made available to their foster homes at no cost, and may be kept by their foster families for the dog’s entire life. This allows people an opportunity to have an excellent German-bred working quality Boxer that would cost them thousands of dollars to buy or to import from Germany, for no cost. Often these are dogs who have the potential to be worked as competition dogs in obedience, tracking, agility or schutzhund, and all have had some training or are already titled. We encourage foster homes to actively train and trial with their dogs if they are interested.

If we decide to use a foster female for breeding, she will be brought to our home during her heat cycle. She will then be bred and returned to her foster home until a week or so prior to delivery. She will return to us for whelping, and then, after her pups have finished being weaned (at about 6 weeks of age), she will return again to her foster home. If we decide we do not want to breed the female anymore, we will ask that her foster family has her spayed. At that time, the foster family will be given full registration in their name.

Foster homes are a great deal for the foster families, for the dogs, and for our breeding program as well. Everyone wins!


We are very concerned about where our dogs are placed. Our first concern is that they go into homes where they will be well taken care of and kept healthy and safe. We expect they will be kept as house, not kennel dogs, and that they will be kept in a fenced-in yard. We like to place them in homes as close to the LaCrosse, Wisconsin area as possible, since this makes it easier for contact to be maintained between the foster family and ourselves. We have a questionnaire that needs to be filled out by all prospective foster families, and we also require a personal interview where you can meet us and our dogs, as well as where we can get to know you.

This is determined on a case-by-case situation. In general, we prefer homes that will be “only dog” families, but, we do make exceptions.

No. Foster parents do not own the dog. Full ownership remains with George and Cathy Markos until it is decided to remove the dog completely from our breeding program. At that point, the dog’s registration papers will be signed over to the foster family, and we relinquish all rights to and control of the dog.  

It’s possible the dog may never be used, or in the case of a female, may only have one or two litters before we decide to remove her from our breeding program. However, if we would happen to chose to have a litter with her, we want to have that option available to us. Unlike many dogs who cycle every six months, our females generally cycle only once every 10 to 12 months. It is part of our code of ethics to not breed a female more than once a year. In general, we do not breed females past 7 years of age.

We will pay for any medical expenses related to breeding or the litters. If the dog is brought to us, we will vaccinate it for the DHPP at no charge. Foster families are required to keep the dog’s rabies vaccination up-to-date, and to keep the dog on heartworm preventative during mosquito season. (Dog must be retested each spring before beginning the preventative). All generally occurring medical expenses will be paid for by the foster family.

Purposeful non-adherence to to our Foster Home requirements would be sufficient, and legal grounds for us to remove a dog from a foster home.
German import Boxer Irco vom Weiten Land
Pictured on this page are three Boxers that we have placed in Foster Homes in the past.
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