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Sam von Bachbett,
IPO3, DPO1, FH1, Police VSK, StPr3, BST
  USA-BOX National Sieger & Police
  K9 Arames vom Messingberg,
  SchH2, DPO1, FH1
  VDH-Ch Joseph vom Hammersee,
  SchH3, FH1, AD
  Boy vom Hochwald, SchH2, AD
 Int. Ch Van Dall du Clos de Pellapoul, 
  SchH3, FH1, AD
  Baffi vom Hochstberg, SchH3, AD
  Jasmin von der Hansjakobstadt,
  SchH3, FH1, AD
  Dandy vom Nanstein, SchH1, AD
  Arlett von der Hansjakobstadt,
  SchH2, AD
  Easy von Felix, SchH3, AD
  Ascan vom Rathsberger Schloss,
  SchH3, AD
  Peer von Nassau-Oranien, SchH3,  
  Gina von den Raufbolden, AD
  Angelina von Felix, SchH1, AD   Blackstar von Altenburg, SchH3, AD
DamVeilchen von Felix, AD
  Police K9 Heline vom Talersberg,
  SchH2, DPO1
  Reflex von der Badenhausermuhle,
  VPG1, AD
  Gerry von der Badenhausermuhle,
  VPG1, AD
  Jahres-Sg, Europa-Sg, Bundes-Sg,
  Int. Ch, VDH-Ch Plato van de
  Hazenberg, IPO1, AD
DamFenja vom Colber Eck
  Elfi von der Badenhausermuhle, AD
  Klub-Sg, Europa-Sg, Bundes-Sg, VDH-
  Ch Darius von Lustig, VPG3, FH1, AD
  Goldi vom Kirchenbuckel, AD
  Cheyenne vom Talersberg, VPG3,
  FH1, AD
  Buddy von Sud-West, VPG3, FH1, AD
  VDH-Ch, Atibox-FH-Sg Remus vom
  Harzblick, VPG3, FH1, AD
  Klub-Sg, Int. Ch Christina von der
  Winterheide, VPG3, FH1, AD
  Fenja vom Weiler-Schlipf, VPG3,
  IPO3, FH1, AD
  Jahres-Sg, Klub-Sg, Bundes-Sg, VDH-
  Ch Trutz von Nassau-Oranien, VPG3,
  IPO3, AD
  Jahres-Sg, VDH-Ch Conny vom Main-
  Juwel, VPG3, AD
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Sam is another of the very special "S" litter produced by our Arames vom Messingberg, SchH2, FH2, DPO1, PD2 and Police K9 Heline vom Talersberg, SchH2, DPO1. Sam earned his DPO1 title in June of 2011. The DPO1 is a police dog title that is the equivalent of a SchH/VPG 2. In 2012 he earned his IPO3, Police VSK and StPr3. In 2014, he earned the FH1 advanced tracking dog title. Sam has been bred to Olissa vom Verdener Dom, with pups due mdi November of 2015.

Sam is OFA Excellent for hips and OFA heart normal.

The word "extreme" is frequently overused these days, but in the case of Sam... well, we'll let you be the judge of that.
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Pedigree for Sam von Bachbett Brindle Male Boxer Born 12-19-07 OFA Heart- Normal OFA Hips- Excellent