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and the dogs that have shared her life
Dogs have been a part of Cathy's life from the start. The story goes that her first word was not "Momma" or "Papa", but rather, "dog", uttered when she saw a neighbor walking their dog down the sidewalk in front of the Hubert family home. It seems that dogs were to be her destiny!

She got her first dog when she was around four years of age. He was a gift from a neighbor, a Springer Spaniel that Cathy promptly named "Fuzzy". Her next dog was a Boston Terrier mix she named "Tootsie". Tootsie lived into Cathy's High School years.

When Tootsie passed away, Cathy got her first purebred, AKC registered dog, a Rough Collie whose registered name was "Birchwood's Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Wolf was the first dog Cathy took to training classes. Although she never competed with Wolf, she was hooked on training.

Sadly, Wolf died in an accident when only a few years old. Cathy then got a Miniature Schnauzer who would be her companion for the next 17 years! "Mi-Jo-Ti's Kleine Liebchen, UD, Can. CD" was Cathy's first competition dog. While training Liebchen, Cathy also began as an apprentice instructor at the training school where she attended classes. Cathy also had Liebchen's brother, Harley.

Seriously bitten by the training bug, and now teaching classes of her own, Cathy added a Brittany Spaniel named "Sheba's Thornapple Ellie" to the pack. Ellie was Cathy's first venture into conformation showing. She was also trained through the CDX level of obedience. Sadly, Ellie died of diabetes insipidis at just two years of age.

Cathy and Liebchen moved to La Crosse, Wisconsin, where Cathy opened the doors of LaCrosse Dog Training. This training center was in operation for 21 years, with over 7,000 class participants before Cathy sold the business in 2006. It was through this business that Cathy met George Markos and his Boxer Rebel. She fell in love with both of them!

Cathy added a Standard Schnauzer next. "Ch. Sondergeist Juwel von Roth, CDX, TD, SAR" was the first dog Cathy took to a breed championship and also the first dog she earned a tracking title on. Gem's tracking talent led Cathy to use her successfully as a Search and Rescue Dog in western Wisconsin and southern Minnesota. Cathy had Gem for 15 1/2 years.

Of course, being with George made it impossible for Cathy to not fall in love with German Boxers, and their first import, "Cilla von Markwald", provided Cathy's introduction to schutzhund training. Cathy also showed her in conformation matches. Cathy took a male puppy from Cilla and Rebel's first Bachbett litter. "Axel von Bachbett, BH, SchH1" became Cathy's first schutzhund titled dog. Axel and Cilla both passed away at 12 1/2 years of age.

Cathy's most titled dog, and close companion for 15 1/2 wonderful years, was "USA-BOX National Siegerin, Xenia von Sparta, BH, SchH3, IPO2, FH2, VCD1, WH, TR1, CDX, TD, NA, NAJ, ACX, AJX, CGC, TDI". This very special girl was the light of Cathy's life.

"Police K9 Dolly von den Almeauen" was the first dog Cathy trained and certified in narcotic detection work. Cathy placed her with a local K9 handler, and Dolly had many years of success as a police dog on the streets of LaCrosse.

"USA-BOX National Working Champion Ivo vom Hafen, SchH3, IPO3, FH2" is known most as George's competition dog, but when he was first imported from Germany as a SchH1, Cathy competed with him. She put the SchH2 and SchH3 on him, and won the first of his four USA-BOX National Working Champion titles with him.

"V-rated Grobi vom Hafen, SchH1, FH2" is also known more as George's competition dog, but Cathy showed him in Germany at the 1997 Bundessiegerzuchtschau under then Atibox and German Boxer Klub President, Gunter Karg, where they received a "V" rating from the Working Dog class.

Grobi and Xenia had a litter together, and Cathy kept "Police K9 Diva von Bachbett, BH, SchH1" for herself. When Diva retired from schutzhund, Cathy placed her as a narcotic detector K9 with the Jackson County Sheriff Dept.

At the same time Cathy was competing with Diva and Xenia, she was also training and trialing with import Geraldine von Hamann's Ranch, BH, SchH1. Geri and Diva earned their SchH1 titles on the same day. Geri remained with Cathy and George until she passed away at the age of 12 1/2.

"Oda de Villamourel, BH" is most famous for her "Air Oda" picture, where she is flying through the air to make a grip on the helper. Cathy trained with Oda for several years, but an injury prevented her from completing the SchH1.

"Police K9 & National Vice Sieger Irco vom Weiten Land, SchH3, IPO3, DPO1, FH1" came to Cathy from Germany as a puppy, and was trained and handled to all titles by Cathy. At nine years, he retired from work and is now living nearby as a devoted family companion to the Marsh family.

Cathy's next girl was import "Police K9 Heline vom Talersberg, SchH2, DPO1". Cathy trained and titled her for police work, and when she was retired from the Bachbett breeding program, she became a full time police K9 with the Trempealeau County Sheriif Dept.

Cathy's current girls are Heline's daughter, "Shawnee von Bachbett" and import "Eicke vom Silvertbach". Both are in training for schutzhund and police work.
German Boxer Shawnee von Bachbett with European Boxer Judge Police K9 Boxer and schutzhund Boxer Irco German Boxer Ivo gets schutzhund 3 title German Boxer Cilla with Cathy Hubert Markos 18 month old Cathy and Skipper Cathy and Tootsie Cathy and Collie Wolf Cathy's first competition dog, Liebchen German Boxer Axel von Bachbett get Schutzhund 1 title Cathy and Champion Standard Schnauzer Gem Police K9 Boxer Heline Spanish import Boxer Oda doing police dog demo German Boxer Geri gets her schutzhund 1 title
Left, the first picture of Cathy with a dog! Barely able to walk and talk, she already had a canine connection! The dog's name was Skipper, and he belonged to Cathy's aunt. Cathy's first dog was also a Springer Spaniel.
Right, Cathy's Boston Terrier mix, Tootsie, was Cathy's companion in her elementary school years.
Left, in high school, Cathy got her 1st AKC purebred and attended training for the first time. The Rough Collie's name was Wolf.
Left, Cathy and Liebchen, her first competition dog. Liebchen earned her CD, CDX, UD and a Canadian CD. She lived to be 17 years old.
Right, Cathy and Standard Schnauzer, Gem. In addition to her CH, CD, CDX and TD titles, Gem was a successful Search and Rescue dog.

Below, Cilla, the first Boxer Cathy and George imported from Germany, and the mother of their first Bachbett "A" litter.
Left, Cathy and Dolly with the judges at their 1st narcotic detector dog certification test. Dolly was the first police K9 Boxer for the Markos'.
Right, Cathy, Axel, and USA judge Bill Knox after Axel's SchH1, Cathy's first!
Right, Cathy and her beloved Xenia, her constant and faithful companion for over 15 years, and Cathy's most titled dog. Photo was taken on vacation at Lake Superior when Xenia was 13.
Left, Cathy and Ivo with German judge, Richard Kornherr, after the team won the USA-BOX Working Championship of the Year. After this championship, George began trialing with Ivo.
Right, Cathy and Grobi receive a "V" rating in Germany at the Bundessieger Zuchtschau under judge Gunter Karg, then President of both Atibox and the German Boxer Klub.
Above, left, Cathy with Diva (left) and Xenia (right) after Diva earned her SchH1 and Xenia her FH2. Center, Cathy and Geraldine, High SchH1 and High Protection at the USA-BOX Working Championship with judge Wolfgang Gleiss. Right, Cathy and her big boy Irco.
Above, left, Cathy with Oda at a police K9 demonstration. Center, Cathy and "V" rated Heline at the 2008 USA-BOX conformation show. Right, Cathy and Shawnee (Most Promising Female Puppy) with European Boxer judge Maritha Ostlund-Holmgren at that same show.

Below, Cathy and her Certified Police K9 Eicke vom Silvertbach, IPO2.
German Boxer Eicke and best buddy Cathy Hubert Markos Cathy Hubert Markos and Germn Boxer Xenia Police K9 Boxer Dolly and Cathy Hubert Markos get certification in narcotic detection
Cathy Hubert Markos
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