Boxers Von Bachbett
Ivo vom Hafen, SchH3, IPO3, FH2, ZTP
Four Time USA-BOX Working Champion of the Year
We were proud to call Ivo a member of our working Boxer family. Like our Grobi, he was bred by Udo and Ilona Schweers. Ivo was an extremely stable, strong nerved, high drive boy who loved to work for his handler George. But he was also such a great overall companion. He loved to rest his head on Cathy's shoulder while she enjoyed her morning cup of coffee while sitting on the sofa. All the puppies loved him; he was so gentle and playful with them.

Ivo won the USA-BOX Working Boxer Championship of the Year trial four years. He competed at the 2002 DVG National Schutzhund Championship; to our knowledge, the first Boxer to have ever done this. He competed at the 2004 Atibox Weltmeisterschaft, part of the first American Boxer team to do so. He was 4th in protection at that trial. He was the first Boxer in America to earn all three titles of SchH3, IPO3, and FH2. Ivo was also certified as a police K9, with several arrests to his credit.

The bigger and stronger the helper, the better Ivo liked to engage the fight with him, and he had a reputation for knocking helpers to the ground with his hard hitting engagement. (Check out his video below and see what we mean).
Ivo's titled children have included Hawk von Bachbett, SchH3, U-CD Josephine von Bachbett, VCD2, UD, TD, RE, MX, MXJ, TD, BH, and USA-BOX Working Champion of the Year Boxnen's Eurostyle, SchH3, IPO3, AD, CD.

Ivo has been bred to our Advokat von Bachbett, with puppies due February of 2020. Frozen semen available on a limited basis.
Pedigree for Ivo vom Hafen

Brindle German Boxer
Four time USA-BOX Working Champion of the Year, SchH3, IPO3, FH2, Police K9
 Agassi von Ellinghaus, SchH1, IPO1, AD  Laroche von Ellinghaus, SchH1, AD  Darwin von Ellinghaus, IPO1, AD  Pablo vom Boxerkamp, SchH1
 Addy von Ellinghaus
 Ginalollo von der Welfenkrone  Klub-Sg, Bundes-Sg, Jahres-Sg, VDH-Ch Django vom Schloss Munchhausen, SchH1
 Amrei von der Welfenkrone, SchH1
 Phobia von Ellinghaus  Darwin von Ellinghaus, IPO1, AD  Pablo vom Boxerkamp, SchH1
 Addy von Ellinghaus
 Ilona von Ellinghaus  Pablo vom Boxerkamp, SchH1
 Addy von Ellinghaus
 Eyleen vom Hafen, SchH3, FH1, AD  Gaylord vom Gluck, SchH1, AD  Clae vom Gluck, SchH3, FH, AD  Bastian von der Eichbaumblute, SchH3, IPO3, FH, AD
 Arabell vom Obergraben, SchH1, AD
 Issy vom Kiliansblick  Dax vom Heitmannshof, SchH3, FH
 Alfa von Kiliansblick, SchH1
 Bianca vom Hafen, SchH3, FH, AD  Klub-Sg Askan vd Sandbergen, SchH3, IPO3, FH, AD  Heiko vd Struth, SchH1
 Anja v Kleef, SchH3
 Afra vom Hafen, SchH1, FH1  Majolika's Barney, SchH3, AD
 Quinny v Waldesrand, SchH3, AD
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Video: Ivo knocks down both helpers at the
2004 North Central USA Regional Championship
Photo above from the DVG America magazine, 2002 DVG Nationals
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