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Hello, we're George and Cathy Markos from La Crosse, Wisconsin, and we welcome you to the web site for our Bachbett German Boxers! We're glad you stopped by, and we hope you will take the time to explore our site. We have over three dozen pages for you to look at, full of information on our current and past working Boxer dogs, including photos, pedigrees, videos, along with general breed information and German Boxer training tips as well.

For over 25 years, the working European German Boxer has been our passion. We are dedicated to advancing the character, temperament, structure and health of these wonderful dogs! We hope our web site serves to excite you as well, about the breed, and about our Bachbett German Boxers.

We have both been trainers and competitors since the 1980s, and have put dozens of titles on our dogs over the years, competing here in the United States and abroad. We bred our first German Boxer litter in 1989. Our kennel and home are located on 250 acres in the heart of Wisconsin farm country.
The term "German Boxer" does not simply refer to the country of origin for our dogs. It is the official name of the breed in all FCI countries in Europe. Sometimes you will hear people in North America call a Boxer that has been imported from a European country other than Germany a "European Boxer", or a "Euro Boxer," but those are just made up names, and those Boxers are in fact, "German Boxers" by name in registration with the FCI.

To keep the breed's working qualities intact, German breeders since the early 1900s have used Schutzhund to determine an indivual dog's suitability for breeding. Consisting of tests of tracking, obedience and protection work, it is still used in Germany as a breeding criteria today. Additional breeding requirements were developed over the years, including evaluations for structure and temperament, and a number of health guidelines. Dogs that did not meet these breeding requirements were eliminated from the breeding pool. What has resulted is a dog that has a high level of trainability along with athleticism, outstanding character, and superior health.

These are the things that brought us to the German Boxer. But it was not an easy or quick trip.
Our German Boxer Journey
Finding really exceptional German Boxers with the correct structure AND the correct working temperament and drive balance has never been an easy task. There are several reasons why obtaining good German Boxers is a difficult task.

First, there are so few of them to begin with. Consider that there are only about 2,000 of them registered each year in Germany. That is less than is registered in ONE MONTH with the AKC! In comparison, some 25,000 German Shepherds are registered annually in Germany.

Secondly, German Boxers are not usually kept as kennel dogs by their owners. They are family dogs and so it is difficult for people to part with them, especially when they are adults.

Lastly, the United States is a long way from Germany, and it was difficult to get breeders that would be willing to send a dog or puppy so far away, when they did not know us, and when they never thought they would see the dog again. They preferred to see their dogs and puppies with people they knew and trusted, and within driving distance of them.

So we started to make trips to Germany and Europe. We went to European Boxer competitions and to training clubs, and we got to meet breeders and competitors. We became very good friends with some of them, and slowly, over many years, we gained access to some truly wonderful dogs through them. Dogs that were one out of a thousand.

After 20 years, we now have the genetics and the bloodlines to create really great working German Boxers, right here at home in the United States. And that's really important, because currently, we see a trend towards inferior structure, (particularly in head type), and in working ability, evolving in the breed in Europe.
Schutzhund and Protection Training and the Family Boxer
When you look through our site, you will see many photos and videos of our German Boxers engaged in schuthund work and protection training. Sometimes people will express concern to us; is a German Boxer that is capable of doing this kind of training safe around people, and especially around children?

When it comes to a well-bred German Boxer, the answer is a resounding "YES." Strong nerves, clear heads, and exceptional temperament, combined with that wonderful fun-loving Boxer personality, make our Schutzhund Boxers a great choice as a family companion.

Go to our Menu at the top of this page, and link to our Gallery featuring "Bachbett Kids." You will see that our Bachbett German Boxers are special and beloved family members, even when they are used for competition or police work!
George Markos and working German Boxer Ivo vom Hafen, Schutzhund 3, IPO3, FH2- Photo by Dave Garot
George Markos and Cathy Hubert Markos with two of their former competition German Boxers.
George shown at the DVG National Championship with 4 time Working Champion Ivo vom Hafen, SchH3, IPO3, FH2 and
Cathy with Irco vom Weiten Land, SchH3, IPO3, FH1, DPO1.
The dog pictured here is Xenia von Sparta, one of the most working titled Boxers in U.S. history.
She was the first female Boxer in America to earn a Schutzhund 3 title.
Left, she is shown during a nursing home Therapy Dog visit, and right, playing with our nephew Patrick.
Below, she does protection work with German trainer Dennis Bauer.
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