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Adonis vom Grand Kevin,
SchH3, FH1, AD, ZTP, Koerung
aka "Toni"
Early in 2001, we had friends visit from Germany, including a big fawn male Boxer. This was our first introduction to Adonis vom Grand Kevin.

Adonis is the sire of the extremely successful Areck vom Klockower Eck, and we had heard that we needed to see what an incredible dog Adonis was.

As the weeks went by during their visit, we were increasingly impressed by the drive level shown by this dog. We had never seen such obsessive, overwhelming prey drive! Given his ball, (which had a squeaker in it), he would obsessively munch on it, making it squeak, over and over and over, until finally, he would drive you crazy and you would have to take it away from him.

Once, when Cathy went to their motel room, she did not see the dog anywhere. When she asked where he was, they replied, "He's in the closet." Cathy looked inside the closet, and there sat Adonis, his back to her, staring up at a shelf high in the closet where his ball sat. His eyes were fixed on the ball, and he sat mesmerized, his body trembling in anticipation of getting the ball. When she asked how long he had been sitting there, the reply was, "Oh, an hour, maybe two."

After just one short session where we paired the scent of drugs with his ball, we had him doing full length drug searches, even scaling up a wall of hay bales to make the find and get his ball reward.

During his competition career, Adonis had multiple perfect protection phase scores of 100.

The real beauty of Adonis is that as a stud dog, he is extremely prepotent; he passes on to his offspring, and even to his grandchildren, his crazy, possessive drive levels.

 We knew we had to have this blood line!

His titled offspring include World Champion and German National Champion Areck vom Klockower Eck, SchH3, IPO3, FH2 and our own Police K9 Cliff vom Grand Kevin, SchH2, DPO1, FH1.
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Above, Heinz Krueger and Adonis during their Wisconsin visit.
Below, Adonis and his handler in Germany.
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