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 Klub-Sieger Joseph vom Hammersee, SchH3, FH1, AD  Boy vom Hochwald, SchH2, AD  Int. Ch., VDH-Ch. Van Dall du Clos de Pellapoul, SchH3, FH1, AD  Esco vom Kiliansblick, SchH3, FH1, AD
 Suzon du Clos de Pellapoul
 Baffi vom Hochstberg, SchH3, AD  Max von Wolken, SchH2
 Banja vom Wickeder Wald
 Jasmin von der Hansjakobstadt, SchH3, FH1, AD  Dandy vom Nanstein, SchH1, AD  Bobby vom Bernsteintal, SchH3, AD
 Fleur vom Nanstein, SchH1
 Arlett von der Hansjakobstadt, SchH2, AD  Multi-Sg. Xanthos vom Bereler Ries, SchH3, FH1, AD
 Prinzess vom Markgrafenschloss, SchH2
 Easy von Felix, SchH3, AD  Ascan vom Rathsberger Schloss, SchH3, AD  Peer von Nassau-Oranien, SchH3, AD  Lajos vom Nesselblatt, SchH1, AD
 Medy von Nassau-Oranien
 Gina von den Raufbolden  Kim von der Lustigen Grille, SchH3, AD
 Biene von den Raufbolden, SchH3, AD
 Angelina von Felix, SchH1, AD  Blackstar von Altenburg, SchH3, AD  Andras von Spreeathen, SchH3, IPO1, FH1, AD
 Walze von Altenburg, SchH2, FH1, AD
 Veilchen von Felix  Marco von der Pfennigsbrucke, SchH3, AD
 Prisca von Felix, SchH1, AD
Pedigree for Arames vom Messingberg    
  Boxer brindle male DOB 11-28-00
German Boxer Arames Heeling- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos German Boxer Arames and Cathy Hubert Markos- Photo by George Markos German Boxer Arames, George Markos in Czech Republic- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos Head study of German Boxer Arames- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos National Sieger Arames- USA-BOX Championship show- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos
  Arames vom Messingberg
Son of the Awesome Joseph vom Hammersee
Head photo of German Boxer Arames- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos German Boxer schutzhund work, Arames and Dennis Bauer- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos German Boxer schutzhund work with Marcus Neutz- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos Full grip on German Boxer Arames- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos German Boxer Arames vom Messingberg in protection work German Boxer Arames and Boxer trainer George Markos- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos
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We've been fortunate enough to have some excellent German Boxers in our life, or should we say, fortunate enough to have some excellent friends that understand our passion to create a bloodline of German Boxers with superior working abilities and structure that is beautiful, but functional, and that have helped us find those dogs to help us reach that goal.

In some ways Arames is the most special dog of all. While all the other dogs are thinking about their toy or ball, Arames is obsessed with protecting us.

Arames is the ultimate protection dog; genetically, he has an extremely hard, full, deep and unyielding grip. Physically, he is capable of an extremely deep bite, and he has massive jaw muscles. He has the ability to withstand great stress, and, unlike many Boxers, he is also exceptionally heat tolerant.
Arames is like living radar- always on full alert and scanning his surroundings for a potential threat to his pack. He has hardness, unshakeable nerves, and predatory prey drive. He is a dominant alpha to all those outside his pack, but is amazingly compliant with his handler.

Arames earned his SchH1 at the 2004 Working Boxer Championship, where he was High SchH1, High Tracking (94) and tied for High in Protection (97).  He earned his SchH2 in 2005 and was High SchH2, and at the Working Boxer Championship in 2006, he earned his FH1.  He earned the international police dog certification DPO1 in 2008 with a 293 (100- 96- 97).   Unfortunately, a permanent injury to the vertabrae in his neck during protection work training required that he be retired from competition before completing his SchH3.  

Arames left us in late 2013, just before his 13th birthday, but he is survived by a legacy of outstanding offspring. Frozen semen from Arames is available for selected female Boxers.
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Left: Arames is named USA-BOX National Sieger. Right:
Arames at 12 1/2 years, with his best buddy, George Markos, in March, 2013.
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