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Eicke is a German import, and became part of our Boxer family at six months of age. She possesses the exceptional high drive and working ability her bloodline is famous for. In work, or at play, Eicke always gives 100%!

Her sire is the world famous Areck vom Klockower Eck, VPG3, IPO3, FH2, AD.  Areck won the 2006 Atibox Boxer World Championship with a 294 (97-98-99), and the 2004 German Boxer Klub BSP National Working Championship with a 289 (94-97-98).  

Eicke is Cathy's personal dog.  She is a certified Narcotic Detector Dog, and is also titled with the schutzhund BH, IPO-VO, IPO1, IPO2 and STP1, and the Police VSK. She was High in Trial at the Great River Working Dog Association 2013 schutzhund trial with a 93-90-93 "pronounced". She has a fun personality and brings great joy to Cathy's life every day! As an extra bonus, Eicke has a family link to Cathy's great competition dog of the past, Xenia von Sparta, who is her great aunt.   

Eicke was bred to Adonis vom Grand Kevin, with eight beautiful pups born in May of 2012.  They are now titled working schutzhund and agility dogs. Eicke is no longer in
 our breeding program, but her genetics can still be found in a number of our dogs.
Pedigree for Eicke vom Silvertbach German Boxer Brindle Female Born January 10, 2009 OFA heart & hips
 Atibox-WM 2005 & 2006 
 German BK BSP 2004
 Areck vom Klockower Eck, VPG3, 
 IPO3, FH2, AD
 Adonis vom Grand Kevin, VPG3,
 FH1, AD
 VDH Ch. Basil von Poptime, VPG3,
 Urban von der Burg Dinklage,
 Xiri von Poptime, VPG1
 Xavantina de Chipema, VPG1,
 Ole vom Bereler Ries, VPG2, AD
 Atibox jugendsgrn, Port. & Spanish
 Ch.Nina de Chipema
 Ondra vom Fisherhorst, VPG3,
 IPO3, FH1, AD
 VDH Ch.& Bundesjugendsieger
 Kim von Santana, VPG1, AD
 Europasgr., Jahressgr.,
 Bundessgr., German, Belgian, Lux.,
 Dutch & Int. Champion
 Plato van de Hazenberg, IPO1,AD
 Frenchjahressgrn & French JSZ 
 Viktoria von Santana, VPG1, AD
 Benja vom Marienthaler Eck, VPG2,
 Atiboxsgr., Jahressgr. & Klubsgr
 John von Maximilian, VPG1, AD
 Daisy von Fischerhorst, VPG3,
 FH1, AD
 Happy vom Silvertbach
 VDH Ch. & Danish Ch.Gaio von
 Monsalvat, VPG3, IPO1, AD
 Atiboxsgr., Bundessgr.,
 Swissjahrsgr., Frenchjahrsgr.
 Pierce de la Tour Couronnee, IPO1,
 No de Sullieu, IPO1
 Mag de Sullieu
 Elmira von Monsalvat
 Multi Ch. & Sieger titled
 Fausto von Santana,VPG3, FH1, AD
 VDH Ch. Katinka von Santana,
 Caja vom Mississippi, VPG1, FH2,
 Weltsgr., Jahressgr., Klubsgr.,
 Xipheos vom Mississippi, VPG3, AD
 Europasgr., Jahressgr.,
 Bundessgr., German, Belgian, Lux.,
 Dutch & Int. Champion
 Plato van de Hazenberg, IPO1, AD
 Tammy vom Mississippi
 Umbra vom Mississippi, VPG1, AD
 Szandor van de Hazenberg, VPG3,
 FH2, AD
 Milva vom Mississippi
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Certified Police K9
Eicke vom Silvertbach
Police VSK, Stp1
Above: Eicke with Cathy and German Boxer Klub judge Toni Piasentin at the 2011 Chi-Town Boxer Verein conformation show, where Eicke received the "V" (Excellent) show rating. She received another "V" show rating in 2015 at the United States Boxer Association National Sieger Show under German judge Uwe Werner.

Right: Eicke is released by Cathy while under SWAT team cover during the apprehension phase of the Police VSK certification test.
Eicke and one of her precious babies born in 2012.