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Geraldine von Hamann's Ranch,
BH, SchH1, ZTP, AD
Geri was imported from Germany when she was a young adult.

She excelled in the protection phase of schutzhund, and was High in Protection with 94 points at the USA-BOX Working Boxer Championship of the Year when she earned her SchH1 title.

She was lightening fast on the courage test, and is one of the reasons why George can catch a really fast dog as a Schutzhund helper.

Where Cathy was concerned, Geri was extremely loyal and protective. She would plant herself on Cathy's lap when her house buddy Arames came near to the sofa, giving him the evil eye to remind him that Cathy was her personal property.

Her nemesis was Xenia, who she perceived as a threat to her position with Cathy. Xenia felt the same way about Geri. Geri passed away two weeks to the day after Xenia. Geri was just short of her 13th birthday.

Geri's first love was Irco, and she was his. They always loved to take walks together. In her later years, Arames was Geri's constant companion as they shared the couch in the living room.
1996 - 2009
Above, Geri and Cathy with judge Wolfgang Gleiss when Geri earned her SchH1 and High in Protection. Below, Geri's favorite spot- on Cathy's lap.
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