Boxers Von Bachbett
Irco vom Weiten Land
SchH3, IPO3, DPO1, FH1, PD1, BST
Cathy's big handsome boy was not just another pretty face- Irco was a German Boxer who was a serious working dog. His incredibly strong nerves, power, and drive are only a part of what he had to give. He was a pleasure to work and train with, and to live with. Irco's offspring have consistently inherited both his good looks and his rock solid temperament and working abilities.

Imported from Germany as a puppy, Irco was Handler Owner Trained (H.O.T.) by Cathy Hubert Markos to all titles and certifications. In May of 2002, he certified as a Patrol Dog at a K9 certification trial, where he was the youngest dog entered. He also did Narcotic Detector Dog work.

He earned his SchH1 at the 2003 United States Boxer Association's Working Championship where he was also High Scoring Schutzhund One.

His SchH2 came one year later at the 2004 USA-BOX Working Championship where he was High Scoring Schutzhund Two.

He became the second H.O.T. Boxer Cathy has taken from puppy to Schutzhund 3 when he earned that title in June of 2005 with "V" (Excellent) ratings in both tracking (96 points) and protection work (97 points pronounced). He was High in Protection, the only "V" rated protection dog at the trial. (And that was under a German Shepherd judge!) He also earned his FH1 advanced tracking title in June of 2005 with a score of 90.

Irco completed his IPO3 title at the 2006 USA-BOX Working Boxer Championship, and in the fall of 2008, at eight years of age, he earned the international police service dog title of DPO1 with "V" (Excellent) ratings in the obedience (98 points) and protection (98 points) phases.

Irco earned scores of at least 91 points in the protection phase of every working trial he was ever entered in!
SchH1- 94 points (High Schutzund 1 in Trial)
SchH2- 93 points (High Schutzhund 2 in Trial)
SchH3- 97 points (High in Protection)
IPO3- 91 points
DPO1- 98 points (High in Obedience, High in Protection)

Irco received multiple "V" ratings in conformation shows as well, and in 2009, just before his ninth birthday, was National Vice Sieger at the United States Boxer Association National Show in Chicago.

As a nine year old, Irco retired from competition and moved in with our friends and neighbors, Randy and Dawn Marsh. Irco received a "V" rating from Randy for "Excellence in Riding Shotgun in a Pickup Truck", and from Dawn for "Best House Companion and Protector."

Several months after celebrating his 13th birthday, we said goodbye to our big fawn boy. But he lives on in his children and grandchildren.

Irco sired a litter with Xavantina von Bachbett in July of 2014. Frozen semen is available.
Pedigree for Irco vom Weiten Land
Fawn German Boxer     DOB 09-09-00    
OFA Hips- Good     OFA Heart- Normal
2009 National Vice-Sieger and Police K9
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Below left, Irco gets his SchH2 at 4 years of age. Right and below right, Irco 5 years later, at 9 years of age, the 2009 USA-BOX National Vice-Sieger with a V rating in conformation.
Left and right, Irco, always a favorite with our puppies and female dogs, plays with Andra and Heline at the Markos Farm.
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2000 - 2012
Left:  Cathy and Irco celebrating his 13th birthday in September of 2012.
Below: Irco at 10 months of age.