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We imported Heline from Germany as a two year old. An eager worker and super protection dog, she also has an easy going, fun loving personality. She has had a great impact on our breeding program through her children, grandhildren and now, great grandchildren, giving them her agility, speed, and drives.

Heline was one of the dogs that took our epic 10,500 mile Alaskan journey in 2007. She loved the wide open spaces, and also the training we were able to do with the Alaska Schutzhund Club in Anchorage. She also spent several months with us in Florida one winter, and enjoyed our weekend excursions to the northwoods of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Heline is the mother of our exceptional "S" litter. Unfortunately, during delivery, Heline's uterus torsioned, and it was necessary to spay her. At only four years of age, and with so much yet to give, we had to retire her from our breeding program.

Cathy began training her for police work, and in the fall of 2008 put the DPO1 international police dog title on her. An agreement was made with the Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department, and after completing her narcotic detection training, Heline went into a full time law enforcement career!

Heline was partnered with Deputy Tim Wilson, and that she is retired from working with him as a tracking and detector dog, Heline gets to enjoy an exceptional home life with Tim, wife Carmen, and their wonderful kids.

Heline enjoyed great success on the streets as a police K9, and we hope she will enjoy her years of retirement. Her kids are continuing her legacy as well. Five of her seven "S" litter kids are titled working dogs. Several of her children from a litter born in Germany are also titled here in the States.
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Reflex von der Badenhausermuhle, VPG3, AD Gerry von der Badenhausermuhle, VPG1, AD Jahres-Sg, Europa-Sg, Bundes-Sg, Int. Ch., VDH-Ch. Plato van de Hazenberg, IPO1, AD Athos de L'Enfer Vert, IPO2, AD
Lady van't Woutershof, IPO1
Fenia vom Colber Eck Amor vom Atir, VPG3, IPO3, FH1, AD
Pat vom Colber Eck, VPG3, FH1, AD
Elfi von der Badenhausermuhle Klub-Sg, Europa-Sg, Bundes-Sg, VDH Ch. Darius von Lustig, VPG3, FH1, AD Dirk Degli Scrovegni, VPG1
Gabsy von der Morrequelle, VPG1
Goldi vom Kirchenbuckel Carlo von St Barbara, VPG1, AD
Cora vom Kirchenbuckel, VPG1, AD
Cheyenne vom Talersberg, VPG3, FH1, AD Buddy von Sud-West, VPG3, FH1, AD VDH-Ch., Atibox-FH-Sg. Remus vom Harzblick, VPG3, FH1, AD Baron vom Schloss Fasanerie, VPG3, AD
Natascha vom Harzblick, VPG2, AD
Klub-Sg, Int. Ch. Christina von der Winterheide, VPG3 Peter vom Kiliansblick, VPG3, FH1, AD
Toska von der Winterheide, VPG1, AD
Fenja vom Weiler-Schlipf, VPG3, IPO3, FH1, AD Jahres-Sg, Klub-Sg, Bundes-Sg, VDH-Ch. Trutz von Nassau-Oranien, VPG3, IPO3, AD Yanto von Heideloh, VPG3, IPO2, AD
Rixy von Nassau-Oranien, VPG1, AD
ahres-Sg, VDH-Ch. Conny vom Main-Juwel, VPG3, AD Baron von der Baldur-Eiche, VPG2, AD
Bonny von der Ziegenbuche, VPG2, FH1, AD
Pedigree for Heline vom Talersberg brindle female DOB 03-07-04 German health ratings- Hips A2, Heart 0, Spondylosis 0
Above, Heline enjoys a swim in the cool waters of Cascade Lake bordering the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota.
Below, Heline and our "S" litter, sired by Arames vom Messingberg, SchH2, DPO1, FH1.
Above left, Heline along the Chena River in Alaska. Our trailer is just barely visible in the background. Above right, Heline and Tim working during a detector dog seminar. Right, Heline alerts to drugs hidden in a semi-trailer.
Cathy and Heline train in sunny Florida.
Cathy and Heline train in rainy, but beautiful, Alaska.
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