German Boxer female Anderes Bachbett von Waldstadt- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos
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Anderes Bachbett von Waldstadt
fawn female born 1-04-07 AKC # WS20480302 OFA good hips
German Boxer Andra's nickname is "Zip", and it is not because she likes to lie around the house all day! She is being worked by her co-owner, Scott "Hud" Darrah, as a schutzhund Boxer, and has been started in narcotic detector dog work.
Andra is a beauty as well. She is picturd above as she received a "V" (Excellent) rating at the 2008 United States Boxer Association National Sieger Show under European Boxer judge Maritha Ostlund-Holmsten. Her excellent conformation shows itself in her speed and great agility.
Photo to the right, Andra, running on the left side of the picture, romps at Bachbett Kennels with her buddy, Police K9 Irco vom Weiten Land, SchH3, IPO3, FH1, DPO1.
Andra's sire is our 2009 National Sieger & Police K9 Arames von Messingsberg, SchH2, DPO1, FH1, BST. Her mother is Josephine von Bachbett, VCD2, CDX, TD, RE, MX, MXJ, TD, BH (Josie). Josie is the daughter of 4 time USA-BOX Working Champion of the Year Ivo vom Hafen, SchH3, IPO3, FH2, ZTP and our USA-BOX National Siegerin Xenia von Sparta, SchH3, IPO2, FH2, BST, WH, VCD1, CDX, TD, NA, NAJ, ACX, AJX.
Andra will be bred in her next heat cycle
At right, Andra's mother, Josephine von Bachbett, with the awards she won at the American Boxer Club Nationals in 2008. "Josie" is the first VCD2 titled Boxer in America. Josie's mother, "Xenia", was the first VCD1 Boxer in America. Josie is onwed by Renee Basye, breeder of von Waldstadt Boxers.
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 Otti vom Bernsteintal
 Ve von Sparta, SchH2, AD  Atibox & French Jahressieger Boris de la Vellette, SchH1, AD
 Shiva von Sparta, SchH3, AD
German Boxer Andra in Alaska- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos Baby German Boxer Andra- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos German Boxer Andra at 9 weeks old- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos Three German Boxers- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos
Clockwise, starting at the top left: Andra digs gleefully inside an exercise pen located on the edge of Skilak Lake in Alaska. Andra was one of the nine Boxers that went on that epic trip to the North! Next, two photos of Andra at nine weeks of age. Right, Heline, Andra and Irco cool off in one of the trout ponds at Bachbett Kennels. Below right, Andra at the 2008 USA-BOX show. Below left, Grandma Xenia is surprised when upstart granddaughter, baby Andra, uses her as an agility obstacle.
andra001002.jpg Head shot of German Boxer Andra- Photo by Cathy Hubert Markos
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